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The Friendship Fire Association exists for the following purposes, and has been carrying out these objectives since its founding in 1940:


1- To unite in common bond all acceptable "Fire Buffs" in the metropolitan area of the District of Columbia;


2- To perpetuate the international hobby of "Fire Buffing" by educational and social endeavors;


3- To operate the Canteen and support rehabilitation operations of the District of Columbia Fire Department by volunteer effort as a civic service to the Fire Department of the District of Columbia;


4- To engage in fire prevention activities and education in cooperation with the District of Columbia Fire Department;


5- To operate, preserve and expand a museum of fire memorabilia, relics and antiques of the fire service;


6- To publish and distribute a newsletter describing activities of the District of Columbia Fire Department and the metropolitan Washington area fire service.


Executive Board Officers


James "Jimmy" Embrey

Member Since:



Vice President

Shawn Plummer

Member Since:




Chris Oliphant

Member Since:




Michael DeWalt

Member Since:




Mark Tennyson

Member Since:



Board Members at Large

Joe Sullivan

Member Since:



Marc Lippman

Member Since:



Daryl Levine

Member Since:



Museum Executive Director

Jimmy Embrey

Member Since:



Coordinator Of Field Ops.

Chris Oliphant

Member Since:



           Deputy Coordinator              Of Field Ops.

Shawn Plummer

Member Since:



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