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The Friendship Fire Association exists for the following purposes, and has been carrying out these objectives since its founding in 1940:


  • To unite in common bond all acceptable "Fire Buffs" in the metropolitan area of the District of Columbia
  • To perpetuate the international hobby of "Fire Buffing" by educational and social endeavors
  • To operate the Canteen and support rehabilitation operations of the District of Columbia Fire Department by volunteer effort as a civic service to the Fire Department of the District of Columbia
  • To engage in fire prevention activities and education in cooperation with the District of Columbia Fire Department
  • To operate, preserve and expand a museum of fire memorabilia, relics and antiques of the fire service
  • To publish and distribute a newsletter describing activities of the District of Columbia Fire Department and the metropolitan Washington area fire service.


Executive Board Officers


Charles Lewis, Jr.




Vice President

Daryl R. Levine







Marc Lippman


Assistant Treasurer
Chris Oliphant







Michael DeWalt







Mark Tennyson




Board Members at Large



Board Member
Jason Anthony






Board Member







Board Member





Coordinator Of Field Operations




Chris Oliphant


           Deputy Coordinator              Of Field Operations



Deputy COFO

Shawn Plummer


Assisant COFO

Steven Bobys




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