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Friendship Fire Association is the all-volunteer support unit of the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.


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         Friendship Fire Association 2018 Run Sheet


   2018   Total Runs
Total Calls For Service:     15  
Canteen Unit:     15           2,624
Support Unit:     0  
*Rehab Unit:     0  

*In October 2017, DC Fire & EMS assumed responsibility of staffing the Rehab Unit in order to increase and improve efforts to ensure the overall health and welfare of it's members. FFA continues to support rehabilitation efforts in the field on in as-need basis. FFA members assist personeel with providing refreshments and rehabilitation efforts when the Canteen Unit is not dispatched to an incident. 

         Friendship Fire Association 2017 Run Sheet 


   2017   Total Runs
Total Calls For Service:     56           
*Rehab Unit:     32           1,002
Canteen Unit:     30           2,609
Rehab Support Unit:     1  

        Friendship Fire Association 2016 Run Sheet 


   2016   Total Runs
Total Calls For Service:    90  
Rehab Unit:    84            970
Canteen Unit:    14           2579
Rehab Support Unit:     0           

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1408 Girard st nw

Story by Chris Oliphant

Photos by DC Fire & EMS and Shawn Plummer

On Easter Sunday April 1st, 2018 about 1415hrs DC Fire & EMS Department sounded the Working fire dispatch for the apartment building on fire.  Upon Fire & EMS arriving on scene they found heavy fire conditions in a 2 story apartment within a 4 story apartment building.  Units made an agressive attack and rescued a feline.  Units proceeded through gross decon and Rehab after knocking the fire down.  The Canteen Unit served for approx 1.5 hours with 3 members on scene.


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