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While the Friendship Fire Association (FFA) involves itself in many DCFD activities, one is the District of Columbia Fire/EMS museum for which the Association was offically chartered by the District of Columbia government in the 1940's.


On display in the museum are artifacts and memorabilia of firefighting in the District of Columbia dating back to the days of the volunteer companies, over 125 years ago.


In August of 2001, the Association finally obtained a 15-year lease from the DC government which has allowed FFA to move its collection to the 3rd floor of a restored historical fire house DC Engine Co. # 3 located at 439 New Jersey Ave, NW on Capitol Hill.


According to the Museum's Curator, Mark Tennyson, the collection pays tribute to the men and women who have served to protect the lives and property of District residents for over 130 years. Some of these professionals have paid the ultimate sacrifice.


These artifacts honor their memory. In viewing the various displays, one can't help consider the rich history of DCFD from its earliest days to the present.


The intricate painting on the leather parade hat from the origional Anacostia Fire Company reflects the Native American Peoples who first inhabited the area.


The leather fire brigade bucket from Francis Scot Key's (who penned the Star Spangles Banner) Georgetown home, reminds us that the District's history is our nation's history.


The original ticker alarm from a multi-alarm fire at the White House in 1929 reminds us that any building, no matter how important and how big, is not immune to fire.


For more information on the DCFD Museum feel free to contact us or stop by.


To request a tour of the DC Fire/EMS Museum, please contact Museum Curator, Mark Tennyson via email



Below photos Courtesy Tom Aurnhammer

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