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City Wide Radio is a division of the Friendship Fire Association that utilizes a UHF based radio system to alert members and transmits information regarding fires threw out the DC Metropolitan Region. It is both monitored over standard radio frequencies, and more importantly, from the actual scenes of active incidents. This being a division of the Friendship Fire Association, all FFA functions will take presidence on this system. (Ex. Canteen & Rehab Operations) City Wide Radio / FFA WPOX401 operates on the assigned frequency of 452.975Mhz, with a PL tone of (1A) 103.5.


Our rules are strictly enforced and monitored by supervisors.  If the radio system is quiet, that usually means there are no working incidents.  If a "Working Fire" is reported, members will proceed to the scene and try to give ACCURATE reports from the scene.  This notifies other responding members on updates on fire conditions.  Hearing reports first-hand from a member at the scene can give a visual that news and incident paging companies cannot.

If you are interested in joining City Wide Radio, contact the Radio Commitee for an application form.  Application forms should be filled out and sent back either by email or fax, along with annual dues of $50.00, payable each January. 


*Motorola brand radios are mandatory*

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